Friday, February 03, 2006

This cannot be February

This has been one of those winters were you think to yourself, there really IS something to that whole global warming issue. I heard on the news last week that 2005 was the warmest year in recorded history. Does that scare you? Well, it scares me a little. Although I did also hear that the unusually warm temperatures are due to a cycle of unusually warm ocean water temperature, which it just so happens is completely natural and is no cause for alarm. I guess you can always find the opposite sides of a cause if you look at it from both angles.

I know nothing about the history of Massachusetts. My firm is going after some work at the Boston State House. So, today in the interest of trying to know an iota of information about the building I went on a tour of the facility. I know shit about the history of Massachusetts. A state I have called home my entire life (except for a brief stint in Connecticut where I attended college.) It really was sad, I walked through the grand halls of the state house, all adorned with marble quarried from far off lands, big mahogany columns, paintings, statues and busts of important people, all of whom I had no familiarity to, but who obviously had their hand in the shaping of my homeland. I don't know what this says about me, maybe that I'm self centered and never cared to learn about the history until it translated into a business deal, or maybe it means that Massachusetts with all it's founding fathers and really important people failed me in the area of education. I don't know.

Restaurant Review: Silvertones
I lunched at Silvertones today. I have never had a bad meal here. Todays was made all the better because it followed the State House so was officially considered business and was expensed. Yeah. The waiteress was great, the food was great, the only slightly bad thing is that the acoustics are so terrible in the tiny place that you need to lean in to talk and listen. A minor price to pay for a good lunch.

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Julie, I love your blog and I'm glad I inspired you to write one. Mine is full of crap but I enjoy reading about what you're up to. You're so honest about how you feel about things and I'm excited to mark the page and check in on it from time to time:) said...

PS - that was from laura auerbach. my username came up as something i tried out a very long time ago:)