Tuesday, March 07, 2006

30 Ain't So Bad

The day has been approaching for some time now. The day I leave the carefree twenties behind and forge into the world of the unknown. That world being the world of people in their thirties. A world where I wake up in the morning and inspect the landscape of my face for newly created lines, forage the strands of my brown hair for flickers of silver and white, and begin to think that every pain is the onset of arthritis. You know, it didn't sound so fun to me and I have not been looking forward to it.

That was until I realized that my life is awesome. I have somehow surrounded myself with the most amazing people. Beginning with my husband, who I was convinced could not surprise me for my birthday, who pulled off the most amazing weekend in the Berkshires. A weekend that I was lead to believe was going to be just the two of us, relaxing, but turned out to be a weekend filled with the company and laughter of my friends.

If the measure of a person is somehow quantified by the people who choose to share their lives with them, then I am truly a blessed person. I was so surprised that my friends drove three hours clean across the state, just to surprise me and spend time with me. Time that was well spent with multiple bottles of wine, good food and great conversation. There are certain times that you look around you and what your life has become, and you smile, because it is good. I love thirty, especially if it means that I get to grow old with these people, and experience life with these people. Especially CB, who will undoubtedly be the one to put the smile lines on the landscape of my face, because everyday that passes I am glad to be with him. To have someone in your life that can know your wants and needs without you ever having to verbalize them; that is truly amazing. That I have found that somone at the young age of thirty is the best gift of all.

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