Monday, August 21, 2006

Where have I been?

Hobnobbing with celebrities that's where. Okay, not really, but I have been in Hollywood for the past week. Yes, traveling again, for work, damn this job that jets me around the country to the touristiest of places, New Orleans, Hawaii, Hollywood. Oh, I hate my life. Humph.

Hollywood was fabulous; it really was, until Saturday, when it seemed the whole City swelled with extra bodies, clamoring tourists, unspectacular street performers. I could not stand Hollywood on Saturday, I much preferred mid week Hollywood. The Hollywood where you could actually see the stars on the sidewalk, and put your hand in the prints at the Chinese theatre. Avoid weekend trips at all possible.

So, where's the beef? Sorry folks, the kitchen is officially demolished. No sink no stove, no countertops, no cabinets, just vacant space. I will be officially forced to take a hiatus from the food blogging until the kitchen becomes functional again, most likely two weeks. However, this affords me the opportunity to blog on local restaurants that I will be visiting in the coming weeks, and considering its Restaurant Week here in Beantown, what better time to be without a kitchen.

Hmmm where to go tonight.

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