Monday, July 23, 2007

Downeast Maine...

CB and I took a little trip to visit my Aunt J in Maine; way, way, way up there in Maine, like really far up there. She has an amazing house right on the rocky coast up past Bar Harbor. The first day we were there my aunt and I put on our muck boots during low tide and picked 9 pounds of mussels to steam up for dinner. There really are few things better than putting your hands into the salty water and working for your dinner. The mussels were so fresh and amazing, I don't know if I can ever eat them any other way from now on. Below is me showing off my bucket of mussels. I was just getting started at this point.
The next day we walked a half mile down to the lobster pound for a lobster and crab bake. All this for $15. The clams had been dug that morning by some of the local workers and were the sweetest I have ever tasted. This was essentially an all you can eat buffet, this was my first trip up to the buffet.
I never made it to my lobster or the whole crab (I had a few claws that I grabbed and ate), so the next day CB and I made this lobster and crab roll for lunch.


Meat from one lobster
Claw meat from one crab
2 ribs celery diced
1 tbs mayonnaise
salt and pepper
2 hot dog buns toasted

Combine first five ingredients until well blended. Stuff hot dog buns with mix and enjoy.

We had a great time up there, boating, hiking, picking mussels, and I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again, and to hopefully see another sunset like this from her front porch.


Patricia Scarpin said...

I have never had lobster and this sandwich is making me crave it right now, JB, at 4:15pm. :)

Love the photos!

wheresmymind said...

Love the boots ;)

tammy said...

Awesome. I was born in Maine (if Kittery counts).