Monday, April 14, 2008

Swordfish Tacos with Lime and Cilantro

Well, Saturday was just beautiful during the day, bright, sunny, warm. It all went to crap later in the day when there was thunder, lightning, downpours, but the afternoon hours were fabulous. I wanted something for lunch that reminded me of summer and eating outside on the deck. I had some swordfish in the freezer, and I had a few bunches of cilantro that I had purchased at Haymarket on Friday. I googled, "swordfish, cilantro" and came across this recipe, Swordfish Tacos with Lime and Cilantro, perfect.

The recipe, although long and with multiple parts really wasn't that time consuming to put together, and the tacos were great. This would be a wonderful dish for a taco or burrito buffet during a cookout or game watch. And cilantro just smacks of summer. I love it.

Rating = So Damn Good


Sharon said...

I love just about any type of fish taco, but I don't think I've actually tried one with swordfish. I'd pile on the cilantro. Yum.

JB said...

With all my left over cilantro and lime I made an amazing cilantro lime hummus which I will post later this week.

Patricia Scarpin said...

JB, it looks delish. I'm a sucker for all things fish, but have never tried tacos. I'm sure I'd love them, though.