Monday, October 20, 2008

WW Check In

Hey its Monday and I'm checking in with my weight loss post. I'm only down a half pound this week, which may be due the enormous amount of wine I drank between Friday and Sunday. It just seemed that I always had a glass in my hand, and it was never empty because I kept filling it back up. Good Times. I can't complain, I ate well and drank well and still lost another half a pound, am I a little more motivated for next weeks weigh in? SURE, but I'm not beating myself up or anything. So, my grand total weight loss is 9 pounds and I only have 4.5 more to my goal.

Also, can I please just share a little story about my Sunday morning. It was cold, very cold and windy and I didn't want to go for a run outside, but I bundled up with long pants, two long sleeve shirts, gloves and before I left CB put a hat on me (he was clearly thinking better than I was early in the morning). I left thinking this run is going to suck, it's cold it's windy, I'll probably end up cutting it short, blah blah. But as I got going and my legs warmed up I fell into a really nice stride and decided to take the long way back around the cemetery. This is one of the most beautiful cemeteries that I have seen, CB and I have actually gone through bike rides in it because it's so big and contains so many war memorial burial grounds, it's a pretty humbling place to go to see how many men and women lost their lives in the name of freedom.

As I was rounding part of the cemetery, there is an area where the tell tale white headstones mark another war burial ground; it's close to the street so you can see the tablets laying a path one after another as you go. As I was running, there was an older man in front of me with what looked like a naval cap on, as I got closer to him I realized that as he was walking down the street with almost a march to his step, his right hand was raised in salute to all the headstones making a path to his right. I was so moved by this, people passed him left and right, cars whizzed by coming and going, but he never took his eye off those grave markers and his right hand never dropped its salute.

I'm so glad that I took the long way home that morning or I would have missed this most amazing scene one loan veteran paying homage to those who fought before him on a random cold October morning.

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