Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuna Puttanesca | RR

I think everyone who reads this blog knows that I'm not the biggest Rachel Ray fan. I'm not. I just get tired when I watch her. Not tired like, "oh she's got so much energy, how does she do it"? More tired, like, "Jesus lady, take a breath, there is such a thing as comfortable silence every once and a while." I'm waiting for the day when her jaw just completely unhinges from her face. She just doesn't shut up, and her stupid little hee hee's just make me want to take my shoe off and throw it at the tv. That being said. I really have not had a bad outcome from her recipes, they serve a purpose, they are not haute cuisine, they are everyday food recipes that are quick, easy and tasty. This recipe was just that. Quick, Easy and yes, Tasty. It was perfect for Friday night during lent, or even if you just wanted to substitute fish for meat a few days a week. It did only take about 30 minutes start to finish and it was really tasty, and it made a ton of food so it can feed a crowd, or make dinner for a few nights out of the week.

Here is the recipe. LINK

Rating - Damn Good

If you make it, let me know if you liked it.

Also - I bought fresh ginger and candied lemon peel the other day. Got any suggestions for recipes to use them in?


Molly Verock Card Design said...

I hear you on the Rachel Ray. She really doesn't bother me, but I can see why she would bother a lot of people. I too have had a lot of success with her recipes. They are definitely easy and sometimes you just don't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. My husband and I made her Turkey Parm Cutlets (but made with chicken)the other night and we were very happy with the results. Will have to check out this recipe.

Anonymous said...

This is a really good stir-fry (for your ginger). Be sure to read the comments first as most people, including me, recommend to double the ginger/garlic/sauce. You can omit the pork or use another meat if you wish. It is a favourite of ours.

JB said...

Lesley - thanks so much for this. I did actually make Lime/Ginger Poppyseed Muffins last night and used some of the ginger that way. But I'll check this out too. JB