Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Checking In and Zucchini Overload

Hi All. I've missed blogging so much since I've been laid off, but truth be told I just haven't been cooking that much; I've spent a lot of time at my father-in-laws place in Newport and also relaxing in Vermont and I've barely seen the inside of a kitchen in what feels like forever.

The time has actually gone by faster than I thought it would, it's been three weeks, and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was given my walking papers. I start my new job in three weeks, I'm terribly excited and nervous at the same time, this job is such a wonderful opportunity for me, and I just want to succeed at it so badly. Fingers Crossed!

When I got back from Newport on Sunday I had zucchini literally jumping out of the raised beds of my garden. So far I've picked 5 gargantuan zucchinis and it seems like there are new ones every day. The other parts of the garden have not been so fruitful. I've got a jalapeno plant that has about seven peppers on it, but none are ready to be picked, the six tomato plants I've got going are really big and bushy and have tons of flowers, but only one little tomato seems to be hanging on the vine. The cucumbers seem to be growing well, but just blossoms and no fruit, same for the red, green and yellow peppers and the summer squash. Salad greens though, I've got those coming out the wazoo, every night I pick garden fresh greens for a salad which is really cool.

So, yesterday - with the zucchini I made chocolate banana zucchini bread, which wasn't the bestc bread I've ever made, but still good. I'll blog that as soon as I take pictures of it. I've got a focaccia dough raising as I write this, and I think I'm going to try and make a zucchini parmesan dish to go with it, that should knock off a few more of the zucchini. Does anyone have any really good zucchini recipes that you can share with me? Otherwise I'm going to have to start drive by zucchini trips to all my friends and leave unwanted zucchinis on everyones doorstep.

Thanks for your patience while I try and get back on a blogging schedule. I really do miss writing this blog, I won't be away for much longer.


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stoned fox said...

"Otherwise I'm going to have to start drive by zucchini trips to all my friends and leave unwanted zucchinis on everyones doorstep."

Very a'la Animal Vegetable Miracle of you :)