Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maine Campsite Cooking Techniques

So, what do you do when you're on an island only accessible via boat, with 11 of your friends and family and mid way through cooking the burgers on your portable gas grill you run out of propane, and then you realize you have absolutely no matches. Well, you wade out to your boat and grab your emergency kit, gather all the sticks and wood from the island you can find, and then light the fire with your emergency flares. Mmm I'm sure there are no carcinogenic chemicals in that there flare Bill. This is how we roll in Maine.

So glad that I don't eat meat and it didn't matter if my veggie burger was cooked or not.

Just getting back from vacation, and starting my new job. The commute sucks, but I'm getting used to it. More posts coming. Talk soon.



AM said...

That is too funny. We're coming to Boston - what's the best open air market in the city? What's the best grocery store? I'm running out of risotto, haven't seen it for months in the local stores. We're going to be taking the train into the city.

JB said...

AM - If you are here on a Friday or Saturday do check out the open air market at Haymarket. Be prepared to be yelled and sworn at by the food vendors, but thats what make the place so great. There is also a great spice shop in the North End and I can't remember the name or even what street its on - I go there about once evey few months, and it's a place where all the spices are in big glass jars and they sell everything by the ounce for nearly nothing. And the young man, who I believe is the son of the owner is such a gentleman. Also, they sell other rices and flours etc by the pound. Let me see if I can figure out the name.

If you have a car, I would actually check out Russo's on Pleasant Street in Watertown, it's an amazing fresh grocery and flower store. The have a website that you can google and see if you want to check it out. I go about twice a month to stock up on things you just can't get anywhere else.

I'll keep thinking. When are you coming?

AM said...

Well, I can't tell if Blogger mailed my last comment or not. Anyway, we'll arrive Boston 8/17 (Monday) and depart 8/21, so I'm going to miss Haymarket. That's a bummer. Russo's looks fabulous, so I think we'll be driving up there. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty resourceful to me. Die of starvation on a Maine island or light a fire with what is typically used as a life-saving device. Ayuh.