Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Not sure where the time is going. I've got recipes and pictures, but no time to post.
I'm working on it. Promise.

Life - So Damn Busy

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stephen said...

Hi there...

Yeah well, isn't that just the way it is most of the time...? I like your blog...good pix, good looking food, real cooking, good writing...Stopped in because I've been checking lately to see where people come from when they visit my blog so must say thank you very much for the link...I'm honored to be in such a select group. I would have emailed this note but can't find your email anywhere (you should show it BTW...I think one of the best things about food blogging for me has been all the long-running correspondences I've struck up with people all over the world...).

Keep it up, you're doing it all right.

(By the way, I was an architect in Boston for 30+ years...I now identify myself as a recovering architect since I walked away from it...Hope you are enjoying it more than I did...)

best, Stephen