Monday, July 18, 2011

Wine Snitch Wine Blog

Because I have been doing so much wine tasting, traveling and general imbibing I've created another blog dedicated purely to wine. Its called Wine Snitch and I just posted my first review today. Please check it out.


AM said...

It might be me, but the comment thingy on wine snitch does not appear to be working. It brings up the text box, but the drop down for "comment as" doesn't show a list of identities. I clicked on publish, and it did not do that either. So, all of the rave reviews for your new blog and its very attractive layout are difficult to post. Good review - I learned something. I knew reds would open over time, but didn't know that about whites.

JB said...

AM - Try again, I think I might have fixed it.

Stoned Fox said...

Really? You need to add more to your plate?