Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Recipe Sucks Giada....Fried Polenta

When I was little, sometimes I would ask my mom "What's for dinner?" and she would lovingly reply, "Shit On A Shingle."

This recipe falls under that category. I saw this recipe in my Everyday Italian book and thought, "Hey that looks good, I'll make that as an appetizer for CB." It took me two days to make this crap. The fist day I made the polenta and then spread it out onto a glass baking dish to set, the second day I cut the polenta into rectangle pieces and pan fired them. I did this all to the exact directive in the recipe instructions. They took forever to crisp up; Ms.Giada said that it would take about three minutes per side to become brown and crisp on the edges. Three minutes my ass. I stood over that hot sauté pan for literally 45 minutes, waiting for all the little polenta rectangles to turn crispy golden brown on all sides. Not to mention that all the while I was being pelted with little torpedoes of hot oil while these little shits were supposedly "browning."

What makes this recipe worse is that three bites into it, CB looked at me and said "would you be mad if I didn't eat anymore?" To which my response was, "let's order in." They were downright bland and completely non appetizing. I flicked open the trash can and tossed them all into the rubbish.

The only thing that was positive about this was the sauce that I made, which CB used to create bagel pizzas that smelled awesome.

I'm not sure you want the recipe, but, if you do, you can go to the Food Network and look up Fried Polenta, I won't bother posting here, because I think this recipe is crap.

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Swiss said...

Amen.. I was making 'french toast' with them and I'm just thinking wtf this shit is way too gooey, was just nasty.