Monday, October 02, 2006

Ciao! I’m off to Rome

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by traveling and experiencing something new with the person that you have vowed to experience everything with for the rest of your life.

I mean isn’t that what marriage is; experiencing things together, discovering things about each other and yourself together, pushing your boundaries together, doing things together that you wouldn’t have the guts to do alone, constantly discovering together?

Two years ago today I was anxious and nervous. I was nervous about the kind of wife I would be. Could I give everything to a marriage and still retain the fierce independence that stokes the fire of my being everyday. Could I take on the responsibility of someone else’s happiness; could I make him happy? Would making him happy make me happy?

Two years ago today I stood outside the church waiting for the music to queue me to walk down the aisle. As the doors to church opened and the music played and the people stood in anticipation, there you were, at the end of the aisle. I saw you and all the fears and doubts I had on the other side of the door were gone; this wasn’t about me, it was about us. From now on I had a partner someone to make the laughter louder, the tears less salty, the hard times not so hard, and the good times all the better.

Two years seems to have gone by too quickly, but the best part is we have each other forever and that seems like a good amount of time.

Happy Second Babe.


MLT said...

Happy Anniversary and Safe Travels. Wonderful and poetic posting. You guys are the greatest.

Have fun!

wheresmymind said...

Hope ya'll have fun and bring back incredible pictures!