Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Panko Crusted Chicken and Pesto Mashed Potatoes

I have no time. I am literally without extra time. March is always bad for me. Work seems to ramp up, I end up having to do day trips for work, it's the end of spring skiing so CB wants to be in VT as much as possible, I end up being all over the place, and now I have a cold. Great. What did you get for your birthday this year? Me? PHLEM! That's what I got. Big honkin globs of PHLEM.

So last night, I wanted a quick homestyle meal and this was perfect. I took some chicken breast, banged the shit out of them with a meat tenderizer, and then dunked them in a little egg/milk mixture and coated them with panko style bread crumbs, or Japanese style bread crumbs. I then took some regular old potatoes, peeled and boiled them until fork tender, and then mashed then slightly with a little pesto. I served this with fresh baby spinach. Wham bam thank you maa'm dinner in a jiffy. And the pesto had enough flavor that I actually tasted it, which is hard for me right now with this cold, I'm just not tasting much.

Rating Potatoes = So Good Chicken = So Good

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Patricia Scarpin said...

I hope you get better soon, JB!

Great recipes, delicious food - I'm very interested in the pesto mashed potatoes!