Monday, October 22, 2007

Simply Pumpkin Biscotti

First. I'm working on about 4 hours sleep here because my Red Sox clinched a World Series berth last night (or actually early this morning) and I live in the Fenway, as in the neighborhood named such because Fenway Park is right down the street. After the win, the 34,000 plus fans in the stadium poured out onto the streets, turning the neighborhood into an all out block party. Don't you just love October? Don't you just love baseball in October?

Don't you just love naps, I'm going to need serious cat naps until after the World Series is over, I blame this on Fox Sports, whom it seems can't push first pitch back far enough, the games used to start at 8:00, as in first pitch at 8:00, now coverage at the ball park starts at 8:00 and first pitch happens somewhere around 8:35 or so, causing every game to stretch into the early morning hours, I hate you Fox TV and your stupid Chevrolet commercials, if I hear this is our country one more god damn time I'm going to lose my shit, really - get some new commercials because these are painfully, ear piercingly over played...this is our country ugh.

Anyway - with the games not starting until after 8:00 I seem to be finding more time in the kitchen at night, (considering I'm usually watching the game an hour earlier at 7:00) - so it affords me the opportunity to make even more ass expanding treats, oh joy. No really these are good, and not too fattening. Again, the recipe is from Elise at Simply Recipes and like most of her recipes it was easy and delicious.

Here is the link to her recipe.

Rating = So Damn Good


Patricia Scarpin said...

You guys up there and the beautiful recipes with pumpkin - just making me crave everything. ;)

Becky said...

love the biscotti. GO SOX!