Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Witch's Brew

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble...Happy Halloween Everyone.

My posts are lacking because I'm pretty much chained to my desk right now. There is a veritable perfect storm or project deadlines I have to deal with. I had one go out last night, one out tonight, another out tomorrow, and then one more has to go out on Friday. I've been at the office from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm everyday since last week and there will be no end to that schedule until Tuesday of next week when I will either be dead from a massive heart attack or I will finally be taking some well deserved time off from work.

So I will try to post a few times over the next few weeks, but no promises. And if you don't see another post before Thanksgiving I am have definitely died and my cat is surely starting to gnaw at my dead decaying body. Let's hope you see posts before Thanksgiving.

The good thing about going to work at the crack of friggin ass, is that you have the most unexpected encounters with people on the street. Just yesterday as I was walking to work a nice man called to me and told me he just wanted to thank me for, and I quote, "making America beautiful". Well isn't that nice. I mean, he was homeless, had about three teeth, and was yelling to me from the bed he had made on the subway steam grate, but you know what, I still smiled, and laughed and thanked him for his kind words. I then pelted off in a hurry hoping that he wasn't following me. The sad thing was, that was the nicest thing anyone said to me yesterday. I should have given him my coffee. He wasn't there this morning when I walked to work, I hope he's ok.

So, I suck. The posts will be here and there from now until Thanksgiving. Believe me, I'd rather be at work writing recipe posts than actually working, but I got bills to pay and they write the checks, so bear with me - it will be better after turkey day.

PS. Yes, I did carve that pumpkin, I got mad skills.


Becky said...

sweet pumpkin!! good luck with the work- i've been there. it'll get better.

Anonymous said...

That pumpkin is great!

Good luck cranking through all that work.

I made your recipe that you posted a few weeks back (the one with the fake sausage) and loved it.

Your posts often crack my up -- you are a very funny writer.


JB said...

Anon - Thanks for posting. Seriously, the ATK recipe books are bibles to me. Every recipe works and every recipe is so tasty.

Also, thanks for commenting on my writing. It's weird because I just write whats in my head - I'm glad that you find it funny becuae I di try to find humor in everything if possible.