Monday, August 11, 2008

Creamy Cucumber Rosemary Potato Salad

First, a few random things.
1. I had my teeth cleaned today by a woman who wore mint flavored latex gloves Refreshing at first, but after forty five minutes with her mint scented digits in my mouth the flavor became a bit overpowering...and my jaw hurt.

2. I love having my teeth cleaned. I am overly diligent with my oral health. And, when I meet someone new, the first thing I do is look at is their teeth. This was a big deal before I was married, when I was still part of the dating scene. If I met a man in a bar or wherever I was meeting men at the time, the first thing I did was look at his teeth, because, my theory at the time and still in effect today is, that if a person cannot make the time to take care of their mouth, they probably don't make the time to take care of their private parts...get my drift. I never tested this theory out because I never looked at the private parts of a man with bad teeth, or overall bad oral hygiene, but I'm going to stick with the theory that bad oral health means bad genital health. It may seem like a leap to some people, but my case stands as such.

3. Our door bell rang by itself yesterday, twice. No one was at the door, the door was open and the doorbell just rang...all by itself. Does this happen or should I maybe call a priest and have the house "cleansed"?

4. Running is coming along. I'm up to 5 miles every other day. And Saturday I was feeling all super badass and ran 5.75 miles. Watch me now!

5. Yesterday - hot as balls. Today - raining and cool. Whatever.

Ok, so this little side dish was excellent. I loved it. Here's what I did. I boiled a small bag of red skinned potatoes until the were fork tender, but still had a little snap at the very center of the potato. I put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking as soon as I thought they were perfect. While the potatoes were cooling I seeded and finely chopped a cucumber, and chopped a few springs of fresh rosemary. In a bowl I combined a spoonful of light mayonnaise and a few spoonfuls of greek style yogurt. to this I added a little sea salt, freshly grated pepper and the rosemary. Mix to combine, add the cucumber. When the potatoes are cool quarter them and add to the mixture.

This recipe was great after being chilled for about 30 minutes, but surprisingly the left overs the next day were just as good. Enjoy. Then brush your teeth.

Rating = Damn Good

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