Monday, November 17, 2008

Down to One

First...they fired my coordinator last week which is why I have been completely and utterly MIA.
I didn't have enough time to do my own job, and now I have to do my work, and the work that my assistant usually took care of. Not good times. I've been so bloody tired, so tired in fact that the other day when I ran out of conditioner, I went to the linen closet and grabbed what I thought was a bottle of conditioner and proceeded to wash my hair and then condition it, and complain the whole time about how "this conditioner sucks, it doesn't seem to be conditioning much." I didn't realize until the next day when I got in the shower that I was conditioning my hair with a bottle of body lotion. I haven't been cooking much, when I'm not on the road, I'm just strapped to my desk, and when I actually get home, I've just been throwing together salads and microwaved meals. CB has been eating a lot of pizza lately because I'm just not there to cook.

Balls I hate this. And, I have to get back on the road this week and won't be back until Sunday night....yeah, just in time to get up on Monday morning and go back to work. And blogger has been biting the big one because it hasn't been alerting me to comments on the blog, so I missed all of the ones that you left on the Moroccan stew that I last did, sorry I wasn't ignoring you, blogger just didn't let me know you left a comment.

So, here we are, one pound away from goal, on the road again and a week before Thanksgiving. I wonder when I'll actually lose that last pound.

Hope to be back on here soon. I have a few recipes I haven't blogged yet, so hopefully I can throw those up before I head out again.

Be back what capacity, who the hell knows

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AM said...

Wow, work just really bites for you. Hang on, there's a holiday coming which hopefully you will be able to enjoy.