Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Fries

Does anything say Sunday morning like homemade breakfast with home fries and the Sunday paper? For me no...I don't know if I love home fries because I'm Irish and potatoes are in my blood or of they are just comfort food for everyone? I could eat about 4 potatoes worth of home fries at each sitting. Maybe this is why I was fat growing up, because we had home fries every weekend.

Well, before I get back to the home fries I have two little things to talk about. The other day in the train station there was a man dressed as a mosquito. He had a whole outfit, which included what looked like, ballet tights. I couldn't stop myself, you just have to, when a man wears ballet tights, you have to check out his package. It was an unconscious action, this is exactly what happened in my brain; man dressed as mosquito, outfit contains ballet tights, immediately look at crotch. Oh Malaria Awareness. There were other women on the platform talking about the human sized mosquito...I asked them if they looked at his crotch. They had...I'm normal people.

Second. If you work downtown and you need a snack I'm going to share my super secret (recession tactic) snack attack trick. I walk into one of the local hotels like I'm staying there, go straight to the check-in desk and grab an apple or an orange out of the bowl of fruit that is always, inevitably sitting on the counter. "May I have an orange?" I ask and they always reply in their super happy toothy smile. "Of course." Bam. Snack attack conquered.

And then the homefries again. This is how I did them. So easy a caveman could do it.

3 potatoes (I used good old Idaho potatoes)
1 onion cut into 3/4 inch pieces (whatever, cut it how you want)
olive oil
salt and pepper

I cut the potatoes and boiled them until they were just not as hard anymore, I don't know maybe five minutes. While the potatoes were boiling I added the butter and olive oil to the pan and added the onion and a few shakes of paprika. I let this cook until the onions were soft and translucent. When the I could almost stick a fork in the potatoes I added them to the onions, added more paprika and salt and pepper and cooked them for a good 15 minutes so that they were crunchy on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside.

Rating = Damn Good


Brenna said...

HA! I love your snack solution. I don't travel enough to know about the free fruit. When you started the story I'm thinking "what, is she going after a handfull of those gross chalky mints?" but no! Apple wins!

Anonymous said...

I love homefries! Growing up southern they were a staple for breakfast. My husband, from Montana, says he is gonna "fry up" some "green potatoes." Go figure. As a southerner you know not to eat the "green" potatoes because they will kill you. A slight exapperation I am sure, but that's what nanna said. My son, 13, thinks his dad must be mistaking green potatoes for the much loved "fried green tomatoes."

Tricia said...

I made these home fries this weekend and they were fantastic! I peeled my potatoes but I think next time I will leave the skins on (less work). CEsar thanks you for a new staple to our Sunday morning breakfast!

JB said...

Tricia - I'm so glad you made them and liked them...