Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reader Challenge #5 (Strawberries and Cucumbers) | Salmon with Strawberry Cucumber Salsa

This is it folks, the last reader challenge. I had so much fun with all of your suggestions. I think my next personal kitchen challenge will be "obscure fruit or vegetable challenge" there is a really awesome market by my work and I always find things there that I have never seen before, and never have the gonads to buy and try to do something with. So, that will be my next challenge for myself. If you have suggestions throw them out, I can't guarantee that I'll find it, but if I can I'll buy it and try to do something with it.

Before getting to the recipe can I just tell you that I cannot, cannot stand when you are driving behind someone who is driving alone and they take their right arm and wrap it around the passenger seat. Why do people do this? I have never had the urge to pull the movie theater, yawn arm wrap around stretch to the passenger seat, what is the thinking behind this.

And another horrible thing. My father-in-law looks like Michael Douglas, the other day I tried to watch Basic Instinct and I couldn't because I kept seeing him in all the crazy sex scenes. *Shudder*.

So, I got this recipe from a website called Taste Book. Here goes:

  • 1/2 English cucumber, finely chopped
    1 green onion (green part only), thinly sliced
    1 Tbl. Fresh mint, chopped
    1 tsp. sugar
    2 tsp. rice wine vinegar
    1 c. fresh strawberries, ¼ inch diced

    Grill a nice fresh piece of salmon and top with salsa.

    Rating = Damn Good

    I  had left over salsa and just threw it in a tossed salad the next day and it was great in the salad.

    Thanks again guys, I really enjoyed this challenge.


Brenna said...

My stepdad reminds me of Michael Douglas, and my new nephew's name is going to be Michael Douglas G___. Thankfully I've never liked the actor so no movie grossouts for me. Do the weird produce challenge!

Molly Verock Card Design said...

that sounds yum! woohoo!