Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chickpea Fritters

I've become a bit of a chick pea freak as of late. Ever since I learned how to make hummus, every time I go to the grocery store I pick up at least two cans of chickpeas. This is great if I was actually constantly making hummus, but I just haven't made it in a while, and now I have seven cans of chickpeas in my tiny ass kitchen. CB actually opened up the cabinet the other day and said "do you think you have enough chickpeas?" So, in an effort to whittle down the chickpea stash I decided to try and make chickpea fritters, no recipe, just whatever I had in the fridge. This is what came out of that little experiment, and they were actually pretty good.

Chickpea Fritters..ish
1 can chickpeas rinsed and drained
3 scallions chopped (white and green parts)
3 ribs celery finely chopped
1/2 onion finely chopped
1 cup breadcrumbs
salt and pepper to taste.
Note: I didn't have any fresh herbs in the house, but if I did I would have added fresh parsley and cilantro (or whatever you like).

In a food processor, pulse the chickpeas a few times so that some remain whole, but most are mashed. In a bowl, combine the chickpeas mash and the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and form into patties.

In a non stick skillet heat enough olive oil (or whatever light oil you prefer) to come up to the mid part of your patty. Get oil hot enough so that when you place the fritter onto the pan it immediately starts to sizzle. Cook about 5 minutes on each side depending on the size of your fritters.

I served mine over cous cous, but I bet it would be great if you just served them with a little cucumber dill yogurt sauce. Mmm.

Rating = Good


Patricia Scarpin said...

I'm a chickpea freak as well, and would love trying these fritters!

AlwaysJoy said...

I LOVE chickpeas... Do you think it is easy enough for me to make?

Café Cyan said...

Must try this!!!

I, like you, tend to have tons of cans in my cupboard and love to throw together things like this. Thanks for the idea!