Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATK Low Fat Banana Bread | ww 5pts

My cookbook offering this week is this light version of Banana Bread from the America's Test Kitchen Best Light recipes. The point value is the same whether you add the walnuts or leave them out, so go ahead and throw them in there for the healthy fat that they bring to the bread, not to mention the crunch.

This weekend I went to the movies and saw Taken; which I thought was really good. It wasn't Slumdog Millionaire or anything, but I love action movies and this was action packed including two chase scenes...(awesome). The best part was Liam Neeson's character in the movie, he was the unassuming yet super kick-ass, one liner throwing stunt dude.

My favorite line in the movie came when he Liam confronted his ex-wife's new husband and said.

"This is not the time for dick measuring."

Which has cracked me up for days...I keep saying it. CB loves it considering I say it even though I don't have my own dick.

Maybe I should have said it to the nasty knitter on the train on Monday. I think it would have been a stretch though - too out of context. But, the time will come when I will be able to say it in the perfect place at the perfect time...

The bread...I think I cooked it a few minutes too long. It was good, but a little dry, I don't' assume there was fault with the recipe, I think I should have just taken it out of the oven a few minutes earlier. It didn't' stop us from eating the whole thing, so it must not have been that bad.

ATK Light Banana Bread | WW 5pts
Recipe Coming


Brenna said...

Did you just seriously give me a freaking "recipe coming?" what the hell? I had a serious crap-eating bender today, I'm going to need this to ease me back to healthy eating.

Love the blog slogan.

JB said...

I know I know - I just didn't have the recipe on me when I posted and I've been getting home to late to start up the computer and type. It's coming.