Monday, December 07, 2009

Rosemary No Knead Crust Bread

Remember this post Here? Well. When you add about 1/8 cup of chopped fresh rosemary to the flour before you add the yeast, salt and water it makes the bread even better. So awesome, and while it is baking it will fill your house with the delicious aroma of fresh bread and rosemary together. Take this bread, cut it into little slices, then top it with a creamy brie and a sundried tomato packed in oil and you've got yourself a crowd pleasing freaking good.

On a side note Hallie and I went to see the 3D Imax showing of A Christmas Carol. So good, the effects were amazing, the story true to the original (enough) and just a fantastic way to spend an hour and a half. And, if you go to the IMAX in Reading, all the seats in the theatre are Temperpedic seats, and oh so very comfortable. The only thing I didn't like about this version of the story was the Ghost of Christmas Past, honestly the voice freaked me out a little, like a person who might hang around a school or a bus stop a little too much, get my drift.

So, what's your favorite Christmas movie or show?
And, he slackers, where are my alcohol laced dessert recipes?


AM said...

Bread pudding - good. Bourbon - good. So this must be good squared.

stoned fox said...

Is it favorite HOLIDAY movie, rather than just Christmas? Because that would be Home for the Holidays. And if you haven't watched it yet this year, shame on you. "BE SPECIFIC". My vote for fave XMAS though would be ELF. I watch it at least 10 times in December - and once in the summer.

JB said...

Hallie - we should definitely carve out some time to watch those two movies and possibly drink a little too much spiked eggnog.