Saturday, July 10, 2010

Garden Update July 10

The Garden Overall

Heirlooms just starting to show their stuff

Burpless Cucumbers finally growing

Crooked Neck Squash

Eggplant (get in my belly!)

Pickling Cucumbers (canning next week!)

Can anyone say Jalapeno Jelly?

Banana Peppers

And some flowers!

I'm officially already sick of zucchini, I ate it every night this week. Bring on the Zucchini Relish!


AM said...

Beautiful garden! When we lived in Seattle, summer was too cool to grow much of anything except zucchini. We would come home from work and our neighbors would have left piles of it in front of the door.

Lesley said...

It all looks beautiful. Thanks for posting the pictures.Can't wait to see all your canned goods! :)

Crystal said...

The garden looks great! So exciting. Since I'm writing this a month later, I'm sure it's even more robust.