Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cod Cooked Over Sauteed Vegetables


The garden is going great guns right now. Just this very morning I picked two zucchinis (which really should have been picked yesterday) and one banana pepper. I think I am going to make banana zucchini muffins as I have two bananas that are as black as the day is long sitting in my fruit bowl. 

I also have a problem, a rabbit problem. I've seen him sneaking into the backyard to feast on the tasty leaves of my basil and the flowers of my peppers. I've become a crazy person, running out of the back door while screaming..."get the fuck out of my garden" fists raised in the air chasing after a bunny rabbit. Yeah, their cute and all until they attack your garden. And, I'm not proud to admit it, but I was driving down the street the other day when the rabbit bolted out in front of me and I TRIED TO HIT IT WITH MY CAR. Isn't that rich, the vegetarian decisively aiming her vehicle at a rabbit trying to kill it. We're buying a rabbit fence today, that better work or I'm getting all Elmer Fudd on that rabbits bitch ass.
So, need an easy dinner with what you've got on hand? I took a saute pan over medium heat, added a little olive oil, sliced onion, zucchini, summer squash, carrot and whatever random veggie was still lurking in the fridge sauteed them all together with a little white wine and a few fresh thyme sprigs, and when they were softened I laid some nice fresh cod fillets on top and let them cook right over the vegetables. Delicious.


The Reluctant Blogger said...

I feel you on the damn rabbit deal! We have always used chicken wire 1 foot down into the earth and 1 foot up to keep them out...its a ton of work to get it placed around the garden...but it has always worked! Assassination by car works too though! ha ha

laurenc said...

We have a whole bunny family in our yard right now. We're trying to grow grass in a few bare spots and wouldn't you know that most mornings I wake up to see mama and baby parked right in the center of our fragile new grass sprouts like it's their own personal restaurant. They're just waiting for things to grow so they can chow down. All I have to say is they're lucky that those little white tails are so damn cute.