Monday, August 06, 2007

Have you tried Iberico...

Mmm. It's been far too long since I tried a new cheese, so I headed on over to Trader Joe's and perused the cheese case to see if there was anything new. Aha! Queso Iberico. This was new to me, so I grabbed a hunk of it and brought it home to try. Upon looking at the cheese it immediately reminded me of another Spanish cheese, Manchego, it had a very similar rind and a similar density. Manchego is made from sheep's milk, and this is made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat, giving it a very distinct flavor. This particular cheese is good as a table cheese, served with a Spanish red wine, or used for cooking because it is easily gratable and grilled. The next time you see it, pick it up and enjoy with a nice Rioja.

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