Friday, August 03, 2007

Jack Daniel's and Mint Tea...mmmm

Well thank God July is over. Wow, what a crazy month. I jetted from Chicago to Maine, and then to New Orleans, where I'm not quite sure, but I think, it was HOTTER THAN HELL. Jesus H Christ you didn't even have to do anything and the sweat just leaped out of your pores.

I was in New Orleans for a conference. At this conference I met a man I whom I will describe as the kind of man that goes for a massage with the hope of getting a "happy ending".

I work in a male dominated industry, and every once and a while I meet people who will completely over step their bounds, have no clue what the term personal space is, and will just generally make my skin crawl. This is the drawback of my job. It happens, you move on, you grab yourself a nice iced tea and fill it half way with Jack Daniel's.

I'm very into iced tea right now, and the fact that I have an overgrowth of mint in my garden is wonderful, because I just snip a sprig off (wash it, yes honey I washed it) and place it in my tea for a nice minty flavor. I've actually started to put a sprig in my water bottle before I leave for work, and then by the time a get to work the water has a nice minty flavor. This was a lovely little treat the other day.

Freshly brewed tea (any flavor you like, I used green tea)
2 oz Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1 fresh mint sprig (washed)
Crushed Ice

Place crushed ice in glass, with mint sprig. Add whiskey, top with iced tea. Enjoy.

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Patricia Scarpin said...

Wow, JB - that would fit like a glove right now... My boss is behaving like a 4-year-old brat (as usual).
And I'm not even into whisky!