Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On the Fly Marinated Salmon

I had fish, I had a grill, I had a bunch of left over stuff in the fridge...Abracadabra...marinaded salmon. I have got to learn to write stuff down when I make things off the fly because I don't really remember everything that went into this marinade, but this is what I can remember.

White wine vinegar
olive oil
finely chopped crystallized ginger
chopped mint
chopped parsley
sea salt

There may have been some garlic in there too. Anyway it was great. I let the fish marinade for probably 30-40 minutes then just grilled it up and served it with a side of mesculin greens. Healthy and delicious.

Rating = Damn Good

PS. I'm working on a low fat banana scone recipe. I made a batch last week, and although flavorful and tasty, each scone weighed about as much as Hulk Hogan's fist, so I'm adapting the recipe, hopefully I'll get it right soon and can share it with you.

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