Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Barrel Fever | 2008 Ken Forrester "Petite" Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch South Africa

2008 Ken Forrester "Petite" Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch South Africa
Winery Tasting Notes:
A perfect everyday drinking wine. A youthful wine showing
fresh ripe melon with a mellow, round, mild and
honeysuckle fruit palate and refreshingly long finish. Serve with flavoursome, light Al Fresco summertime meals.

JB Tasting Notes: I just loved this wine, I tasted it at a wine tasting, bought a bottle, then a few days later served it at dinner when my mom brought us lobster rolls. While drinking the bottle I mentioned to CB multiple times that we "should have bought more than one damn bottle" I said it this way because at the wine tasting he was all snobby and "oh, south african whites....blah blah blah...chenin blanc...blah blah blah" well - he admitted while we were drinking it that he "really liked it" and something about being a "wine snob" the day of the tasting or something or other and how I was "correct" and "right" and he "should have listened to me" because my palate is "far superior" to his and yes indeed we should have "bought more than one damn bottle."

And then. Queue the chorus of angels. We were at Trader Joe's the other day and they sell this wine, this vintage...for...$9 per bottle. Oh, we did indeed buy more than one damn bottle this time.

Ok. Onto the real rating. The wine is best served chilled - it needs it, the minerality does better at the colder spectrum. It's a stray yellow color with a floral nose. The taste is highlighted by a blend of fruit, melon, grapefruit, apple and what's best about it is that although it is acidic it has a nice lingering finish and a great mouthfeel. And IT'S NINE BUCKS!

Rating: Damn Good (buy this wine)

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