Monday, October 30, 2006

It's a Freakin' Winta Wonduh-Land

So, I don't have a food post today because CB and I spent the weekend in New Hampshire with HJ and GS. When we planned this trip back in September we assumed that we would do some fall hiking along the Appalachian trail, most likely a 4,000+ vertical climb, which would take about 3.5 hours to complete up and back. When we planned this trip I think we assumed we would be cold and need to dress properly for the elements; I don't think we ever thought we would be hiking though 6 inches of snow - snow which was falling on earth that had been saturated with 3 inches of rain the day before. It was cold, wet, mucky, hard to navigate, but beautiful all the same. It felt like it was December; it served to prepare us for the snow blanketed winter which will be upon us soon. There is just something so serene and beautiful about freshly fallen snow on tree branches; every turn we made along the trail showed us another beautiful snow covered landscape. It was just when you were admiring the beauty of nature that your hiking boot sunk into 4 inches of muck, nearly taking off your boot as you heaved your foot out of the soft wet ground. You know that sound your foot makes as it tries to free itself from the muck and mud, sort of a throoorupf sound? We heard that a lot. So, sorry for the lack of new food posts, but I was a little busy with nature and all this weekend.


wheresmymind said...

Oh man...that doesn't sound like Jeff type weekend!! Hiking should be fun, not work ;)

PatL said...

Yes, it's been quite the early winter this year! Much different from last year. I posted a picture of snow-capped mountains in Vermont ten days ago! I agree, I just love all the various ways snow makes a landscape beautiful!