Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mmmm Peanut Butter. Glorious Peanut Butter

The very first thing I ate on Easter Morning was a big honking spoonful of peanut better, and then I had another one. I ate it so fast I was like a dog trying to get it off the roof of my mouth, constantly licking and having trouble swallowing. This was all while CB was still in bed, it was early in the morning. I climbed back into bed, after satisfying my PB crack addiction, thinking CB was still asleep - "you reek of peanut butter" came his groggy morning voice from under the covers, "happy easter I guess." Yes, Jesus had risen, and I could once again eat peanut butter, it is was a good day.

Not being satisfied with the plain old peanut butter, I decided to toast up some almonds and try to make my own almond butter. I simply took the small tray from the toaster oven, laid out about 3/4 of a cup of almonds on it and toasted it for about 7 minutes. I then let the almonds cool and then put them in my little food processor with a little kosher salt and let her rip for about 5 minutes - blap dee bloo ALMOND BUTTER. It was good, rich, thick, a hint of salt, a success. CB has been eating it in the morning all week. When it's gone, I'm going to try to make another variation, maybe cinnamon raisin or ginger. Do you ever make your own nut butters? How do you do it?

PS. Its so good to be back. I missed this whole cooking and writing shit.

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Patricia Scarpin said...

I missed you too!

I love peanut butter, JB, and haven't had any in months. Diets suck, but 1.5kg are already gone, gotta keep the faith. :D

I have a Brazilian blogger friend who have made her own peanut butter. She told me it was really good. And the girl from Chocolate and Zucchini made cashew nut butter once, if I'm not mistaken.
Your almond butter sounds like something I'd eat a jar of in no time at all. :)