Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ugh..I Suck at Posting

One comment asked me to elaborate on why July (and March and October) suck the big one in my industry, this is why. In general I put out about 35 proposals a year for new work. This should break down to about 3 a month, which would be manageable. But. the deadlines don't always fall into that nice 3 a month spread, they usually pile up on given months, for example so far this month I've had 7 requests for proposals for new work - 7, so about two a week, this is on top of preparing for a few interviews that are coming up in the next few weeks. So, that's just the proposal and interview part. Then there is the conferences that I have to travel to and attend. My company is often invited to present at conferences around the county - all these conferences seem to fall in the three months mentioned before, so not only do I have to prepare 7 proposals, and at least 2 interviews, I need to bounce around to these conferences that we are presenting at as well, to see existing and potential clients. It's tiring and a bit nerve racking, but it's also fun, I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it, it's just a lot of work in a very small period of time.

That, compounded by the fact that...thank you sweet Jesus...we are finally moving into our house in two weeks, I am now faced with the fact that I for the second time in 10 weeks need to pack all of my belongings and put them into boxes and move them. AGAIN. I can't wait, I really can't wait, but packing and moving again, ugh.

So, posting...not going to be much of that in the coming weeks. I do apologize, I know you all wait with bated breath for my new posts...NOT. But I will try and post when I can, come August, the posts will be much more frequent and will contain actual recipes. (Damn it where did the summer go?)

Also, one more thing. because CB and I were only going to be in the retirement village for 10 weeks we didn't have cable installed. Thank God for Netflix. Here is just a sample of what we have watched since moving in:
The Ice Harvest
Love in the Time of Cholera
Amazing Grace
Ocean's 13
The Brave One
American Gangster
Charlie Wilson's War

Back Soon. Peace!


stone fox said...

You should consider having a "guest blogger" while you're busy over the next month or so to reduce your guilt level :)

JB said...

That's a great idea.. I nominate you and then it can be all about the joys of the last two months of pregnancy. I'm sure your language will be very similar to mine at this time.

stone fox said...

funny. thanks for the dig. it made my feet swell less.

AM said...

Oh I do sympathize with the moving. We're loading up for the 3rd move in 3 years. We must be crazy. This time we're furnishing my brother's new house with our furniture and then we're taking off into the wild blue yonder in an RV. Never thought I'd see my fingers typing those words. Good luck to you!