Friday, February 05, 2010

Well, I feel like an asshole

For the past month or so I've secretly wondered where you all have been. I hadn't received one comment on any of my posts, none of the great recipes turned out one response. I thought you had left me, and then randomly I went into my yahoo spam folder and WHAM! there were about 25 comments just sitting there waiting to me moderated. 

I couldn't believe it, thank you so much for your comments (even you crazy anonymous poster who didn't like my "log" story and will no longer be reading my blog because poop and food don't mix - where the hell does he/she think poop comes from?) anyway, I digress, I have now moderated all your comments and responded and I'm so sorry that it has taken me months to do so, I have no idea why Yahoo all of a sudden decided that these emails were spam.

Ugh, thank you for the brussel sprout recipes, and the mushroom risotto variations, and everything else. I'm inspired people, I will be making something extra special for you this weekend.



AM said...

Well thank YOU for that public service announcement. I was wondering why I no longer received the comment email, I've been going in via "comment moderation" and looking for feedback. Let us know if you are able to redirect them out of spam. Yahoo has interesting behaviors.

Lesley said...

Funny! Was wondering what you were up to.