Monday, March 08, 2010

I want to write you a letter

I want to write you a letter, and food posts and barrel fever posts and all that happy horse shit, but alas its March, one of the busiest times for my job and I find myself a little stretched thin, a little stressed and a little bit crazy. I love you guys, but the next few weeks are going to be tough for me to get anything up onto the blog, I'll do what I can. Expect a shit ton of stuff in April to win back your loyalty.

PS. Spring fever in is full effect. Vegetable garden planning has started.



Allison said...

So OK then! We'll look forward to hearing from you in April. I made the eggplant/zuccini/polenta with marina both with polenta and then with ziti pasta. Pasta won, better mouth feel. Good recipe for the vegetarian friends I have. Good luck with March, we'll look forward to hearing from you on the other end.

JB said...

You know AM, I thought it would be better with pasta. I'm going to try it with pasta now...well, as soon as I can breathe.

Have you polished off the 33 wine yet. We just drank our last bottle on Saturday....MUST BUY MORE.

Allison said...

We went through the first batch of 33, and we're going back for more. It's a great red to drink now. That was an excellent recommendation.