Friday, June 03, 2011

Across the country, glass in hand

I'm spending the next 8 days wine tasting....NOTE: the woman in the picture is not me...yet.
See you on the other side of this adventure.

Be Well. CHEERS!


laura said...

Have a wonderful trip! Are you on the West Coast?

JB said...

Yes, I'm back now, I spent two days in Seattle, one in Yakima, three in Walla Walla, and two in Woodinville. I'm back now, trying to readjust to east coast time. I see you're in Portland. I did Oregon wine country three years ago - so aweseome, wish I could do it again.

Allison said...

How did you like Walla Walla? I have friends who are wine people who just love W*2. Was it fun? Looking forward to a trip report.