Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nana's Banana Bread

Isn't it funny how the moment when bananas look almost unedible is the moment that they become perfect for banana bread. Seriously, it's like that moment when they turn completely black, and they are just about to give off swarms of fruit flies, that they become the perfect ripeness for banana bread. This is another relic from Nana's recipe book. I grew up on this banana bread recipe and I still love making it, and they aroma it gives off through the house.

I also want to thank Emily who works at America's Test Kitchen and Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen for sending me two new carrot cake recipes. I will surely try both of them because they are so completely different from each other. Emily's is a tropical carrot cake, and Patricia's is a Brazilian Style carrot cake, which seems like worlds more fun than a Brazilian Style bikini wax. I'm just saying, it probably is.


wheresmymind said...

C'mon...what can be more fun than a wax job?? ;)

Patricia Scarpin said...

JB, you are funny - I had a laugh with your post!

Thank you for the lovely words, I hope you enjoy the Brazilian cake (fingers crossed here, and toes too, just in case). ;)

A Brazilian bikini wax is something every MAN should go through so they would start being more grateful to women. ;)

Judy said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing, smells better than baking banana bread.

Susan said...

Oh, you make me long for my mom's banana bread. I agree, the aroma of baking banana bread is heavenly.
I might have to make one soon as I've spotted a few fruit flies lately. ;)