Friday, January 04, 2008

Sage and Citrus Hummus

Two things.

One. When the person on the train sitting next to me has bad breath. I feel violated. I feel forced to consume tainted air, and I find no air as terribly hard to breath as the air that is expelled from someone else's body; whether it be halitosis, flatulence, or burps. No less than three times in the past week I boarded the train, only to be in close proximity to someone on the train who either had just finished a disgusting baloney sandwich and proceeded to share his heartburn and horrible processed meat smell with the whole train; a mouth breather with the worst case of morning breath/halitosis/something died in their mouth smell; or just someone who decided he/she would toss air biscuits through the whole train. These have all forced me to take a new plan of attack on the train which is, wrapping a perfumed soaked scarf around my neck before I leave the house, and then plunging my head face down into the scarf as soon as I get onto the train. Aren't people lovely creatures. How come you never sit down next to someone who smells zest fully clean, why is it always a person demonstrating all the functions of all the orifices of the human body.

Two. While driving to VT on Friday I had way too much coffee and then got stuck in construction traffic which allowed me to move a mere 2.6 miles in an hour. When I finally got through the construction traffic I stopped at the first tourist/rest area I could find because I was pretty sure I was theeese close to peeing my pants. The bathroom was one of the fancy environmentally conscious bathrooms where the water in the toilet is green, to warn anyone who might be tempted to drink the water, that indeed it is recycled water and is not potable, so don't drink the toilet water. I proceed to use the bathroom, just barely making it there before I peed my pants; and I have to go so bad and it takes so long for me to pee, that they automatic flush system kicked in before I was even done. I had no idea that there was only so much time that the toilet allotted you before it says, ok little missy, I think you're about done here, and flushes away. I guess I had to go even worse than I thought, but really, the preemptive flush threw me there. Just thought that maybe there shouldn't be a time limit on such things.

And finally what you really came here for...the recipes. This is another variation on the light hummus recipe that I use from the Best Light Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen. It was good, but I was a little disappointed in the sage, it just didn't seem as powerful as the rosemary so next time I will have to add more.

Use this recipe, and for the final few pulses add about 1.5 tbsp chopped fresh sage.

Rating = Damn Good

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Anonymous said...

Jules, I made this over the weekend to see how it compared to the dried garbanzo beans version that I use and was completely disappointed. I see why you make it so smooth - even after pulsing if for more than called for, it still has a nutty/grainy texture to it. Does this happen to you? How long do you pulse it for?