Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curried Tofu Salad with Grapes, Apples and Celery

My esophagus hates me. It just won't cooperate, it flares up and burns all the time and makes eating and drinking way too difficult because I never know what food or beverage is going to make the scary angry things in my throat come to life and make the whole tract of my throat feel like one big forest fire. It's been terrible, so tomorrow I have to go for a gastroscopy.

I never should have googled gastroscopy, and I most definitely should not have watched one on UTube, especially the part where they snake the long ass tube down the unconscious man's throat while he lays there completely unaware that there is a ten foot snake sliding down his throat. Ugh - the worst part is I can't eat after midnight tonight, and my scope thrust is at 8:30 and I won't be released from outpatient until 10:30, and by the time I get home it will be noon and it will have been 12 FLIPPIN HOURS since I've eaten anything and I will be super cranky, and my throat will hurt and man could I just get some damn food please. I can see it now.

Also, my leg hates me. I started physical therapy for my horrible cranky IT band, and man does using a foam roller hurt like ever living hell. Sweet Baby Jane that shit hurts. And now I have to do it everyday to work out the IT band, it's enough to make a grown girl cry, seriously. Oh, yeah, and when the woman sticks her forefinger in your hip where the IT band starts, well, she might as well have shoved a white hot poker into the socket because that's what it felt like people.

On a lighter note. Memorial Day weekend was fantastic, it was a cool breeze, lemonade sipping, grape snap of a weekend and it was even more beautiful up in Vermont where we made delicious, fresh and healthy meals everyday. This was a modification of the Curry Chicken Salad that I used to make when I was eating chicken. I made it pretty much the same, but I winged it. Here's what I did.

Curried Tofu Salad with Grapes, Apples and Celery.
1 lb firm tofu drained
1 granny smith apple diced
1.5 cups grapes (cut into thirds)
2 ribs celery, halved down the middle, chopped fine
1/2 cup light mayonnaise
1/4 c honey
1 tbs curry - or to your liking
salt and pepper to taste

I took the block of drained tofu and cut it in half width wise and then cut it into about 1 inch strips. I pan fried the strips so that they had a bit more structure to them and would keep their shape in the salad.

Combine the mayonnaise, honey, curry, salt and pepper. Add the tofu, grapes, apple and celery. Stir to coat. This is best made and let set overnight in the refrigerator. We served them in pita pockets with chips and pickles on the side.

Rating - So Damn Good


Marianne said...

I know what you mean about PT. I did it for my knee and when the sadistic assitant would "massage" my knee, I would nearly fall off the table from the pain of him pushing on the tendons.

Jennywenny said...

Mmm, looks nice. The it band roller thing gets easier with time and less painful. Thats not much help right now though!

bayougeezer said...

I was a fellow sufferer with acute gastric reflux which turned into a truly terrifying inability to swallow completely. I could breathe, but I couldn't finish swallowing. I have a genius GI doc who kindly did not mention that I was an overweight foodie--he just did two procedures (about 9 months apart) in which he stretched the esophagus where it enters the stomach. The acid from the reflux had caused scarring and narrowing. He also gave me great meds--Protonix is the current one. Having lived on a strict low-calorie, low-fat mostly vegetarian diet for ten weeks, I have not had a reflux or choking episode. Reflux can become more than painful, so best of luck with handling yours.