Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Update....Stealing Away

Holy Shit Balls it's been a while since I last posted; here's the 10 second update. I've moved, gotten my bumb leg started on the rehab process, had my gastroscopy and discovered that I have a hiatal hernia and work got very very busy, all within about a week and a half, needless to say - not so much quality time spent in the kitchen. I did make a lovely vegan lemon coconut bundt cake, and a great eggplant and spinach lasagna, but guess what? You have to wait until next week to see and hear about my great culinary creations, because I'm heading to Oregon Wine Country tomorrow and I can't wait. Yes, I'm sure that drinking wine for five days solid will do wonders for my acid reflux, but no pain no gain right.

Anyway, this trip has been long awaited and even longer deserved so see you next week with great recipes and hopefully some great pictures and new wine tips from the trip.

Also - if anyone knows of any great places that I have just got to see in and around Portland please leave a comment and let me know.



AM said...

The Pearl District, the huge bookstore that covers an entire block (ask anyone, they'll know who you mean), the Veritable Quandry Restaurant in downtown, the water front. It's all good. I love Portland. Have a great trip!

wheresmymind said...

Hope you had a great time out there in Oregon!