Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Assing Through

A snippet of my commute. Yesterday I decided to take the Blue Line to the Green Line instead of walking directly to the Green Line. I don't usually take the route that forces me to be sedentary, but yesterday the temperature and wind forced me to abandon my usual ten minute walk to the train, and opt for the closer blue line. I'm glad I did, because sometimes things just strike you as funny. As I was standing among the many people shuffling home I happened to look to the end of the train where one car connects to the other, and, where once was a sign that read no passing through, there was now a sign which clearly stated no assing rough. I had to laugh, because I'm mature like that. What's better is that someone took the time to meticulously scrape off the letters. I wonder if they did this in one trip, or if it took them multiple trips. Everyday as they stood on the platform did they wonder to themselves, "now which car is it again?" Anyway, it made me laugh. As I exited the car two levels subterranean, I took the two flights of stairs up to the first subterranean level. As I climbed the stairs I could hear the sweetest sounds coming from above. Two people where playing guitars and singing in Spanish. I wanted to stay and listen for a while, but as is the way with the public transportation system, their timing is always off. As I got to the top stair my train pulled into the station and I entered, leaving the melodious sounds behind and wishing that I didn't have an appointment to make, and could just sit beside the singers and relax. The rest of my ride was petty uneventful.

This morning as I descended the stairs underground I was treated to another musical performance, however this one was different. I had a coffee in one had, a book in the other began to hear the bellowing of a tuba. Yes a tuba, in the Park Street station. This morning the choice of songs was "If I Only Had A Brain." from The Wizard of Oz. I found this weird, but I guess what else would you play on a tuba at 8:00 in the morning below the hustle and bustle of Park Street? I guess that's as good as anything.

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