Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rats at Dawn

So, I don't have a food post today. I'm working on two amazing projects for two local colleges this week, trying to win two architectural jobs for my office to design. It's tough work and it's stiff competition but boy, if we win them will I be the cock of the walk at the office for a day or two and then people can get off my friggin back about the backlog and the fact that the six month forecast doesn't look good and jobs are in construction and fuckety fuck fuck fuck we need more work.

So, I don't have a food post because I've been slaving the day away like Bob friggin Cratchet under the mean old thumb of Ebenezer Scrooge and I got home latelast night and left for work this morning whilst it was still dark. It was an odd morning; I got on the train at what apparently is the same time as all of the construction workers doing the various jobs around the City slough off to work. There I was, on the train blackberry in hand, while lunchbox toting; carhart wearing, potty mouth spurting construction workers filled the train. Now, I love an occasional flippant swear as much as the rest of the urban population, I just didn't need to hear it for seven stops, in the pre dawn hours. It took everything out of me this morning to not tell one particular man that he needed to use his "indoor voice" and if he could keep the FUCKs to a minimum before the sun rose that would be great. Now wait you say - didn't you just use the word fuck no less than three times in your opening paragraph, yes I did, but here's the difference, if you don't like it, stop reading, no one's making you read this blog, I on the other hand had to be on that train because I needed to be to work by 7:15 to practice the presentation at 7:30. So there.

I was glad to get off the train at my stop, and proceeded to walk down the nearly empty Boston streets, that were just beginning to be bathed in the rising sun when I noticed the smallest of rats, walking along the plaza at government center. He actually walked like he had somewhere to be, straight towards City Hall, I believe he actually cut me off. Maybe he was on his way to work, ruffling through trash, socializing with the other rats, completing his plan for world domination, who knows. It seems that the City is just different before the sun comes up.


wheresmymind said...

Ahh..nothing like working Vampire Hours!! hehe...Good Rats:

tammy said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. This post brings me back to when I was working for a Boston architecture firm lo many years ago. Though you seem to work a lot harder than I did. Stop by again anytime!